I recently returned from the 2016 North Carolina Baptist State Convention Evangelism Conference and was pleasantly surprised by the emphasis on Disciple-making.  In fact I remember hearing several times a confession similar to some of the things I have been… Continue Reading


Darkness for Light


We can look into the darkness and call it light. We can look into a sewer and try to believe that it’s a swimming pool, but deep down we instinctively know what’s true. We know that Murder is always wrong, and that protecting the innocent is on all of us, we know that gossip always hurts, and that racism is always destructive Continue Reading


The Invisible Army

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This Sunday is The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Pray for those who are persecuted for their faith all around the world, and pray that the American Church that we would learn from our persecuted brothers and sisters that Jesus is the only sure foundation we can have in this life. Continue Reading


I Am Barabbas

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If we’re honest, deep down inside, we know it’s true. We know that there is something fatally flawed about the human race, and we know that we are not immune to the evils that seem to plague humanity. Although it may be difficult to look at this passage honestly and see ourselves as Barabbas, we can find tremendous relief and joy when we do this. Continue Reading