A Glorious God, A Beautiful Response

I’ve been thinking alot lately about how we talk a lot about what God has done, particularly through Jesus, particularly on the cross,and we should, it should consume our thoughts and our lives and our worship, but I don’t think we talk as much about who God is;  this incredible, beautiful, Glorious God that we serve.  That’s the thing God is glorious.  There is nothing in the universe like Him.  He outshines the sun.  His beauty will never fade, and His power will never be shaken and once our eyes are opened to the reality of who He really is we will begin to understand that we serve a God that is so wonderful, that is SO GLORIOUS that even if He had left us in our sin, even if He hadn’t lifted a finger to save us, He, just by virtue of who He is, would still be worthy of a BEAUTIFUL RESPONSE.

Jason Koon

Jason Koon has been serving as the Pastor of Bridge42 Church since 2015. He is passionate about building up the Body of Christ through the ministry of the Word, that all may come and find new life in Christ.

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  1. A topical approach to preaching, in which the pastor preaches on relevant topics like prayer, the family, or battling temptation, can further their confusion, as the hearers cannot see the forest for the trees. Even a careful biblical expositor who does not set his expositions in the context of redemption history can get so immersed in the glorious details of the passage that his congregation will lose sight of the forest.

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